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Golds Gym
(801) 779-3720
1935 W 5700 S
Roy, UT
O Ms Hap Kwon Do Martial Arts Institute
(801) 776-5526
2437 N Main St
Clearfield, UT
Aranda's 24 Hour Fitness Center
(801) 776-5540
2029 N Main St # 201
Clearfield, UT
Dance Arts
(801) 393-3305
3701 Washington Blvd
Ogden, UT
Julie Knighton Physical
(801) 479-4471
5728 S 1475 E # 102
Ogden, UT
24 Hour Fitness
(801) 968-7924
5766 S 1900 W
Roy, UT
Golds Gym
(801) 399-5861
550 25th St
Ogden, UT
Anytime Fitness Clinton, UT
(801) 775-0222
1803 West 1800 North, #E4
Clinton, UT
Programs & Services
24-hr Operations, Cardio Equipment, Circuit Training, Elliptical Trainers, Free Weights, Parking, Personal Training, Spinning, Stair Climber, Stationary Bikes, Treadmill, Weight Machines

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Mckay Dee Surgical Center
(801) 387-3600
3903 Harrison Blvd
Ogden, UT
Mc Kay-dee Cardiac Fitness
(801) 387-3040
4401 Harrison Blvd # 3
Ogden, UT
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Picking Tunes for Your Run

Picking Tunes for Your Run
Running is a stunning example of physics and more specifically, momentum. Interestingly enough, progress in both running and life is determined by your management of potential and kinetic energy in order to maximize the benefits of momentum. Look up "momentum" in your favorite dictionary for a wonderful disruption to your day; it is truly fascinating stuff when put into context of a runner and the human body. However, disrupting a runner's momentum generally yields results that can be very unpleasant.  

Converting one's potential into kinetic energy should not be disrupted by the ill-kept promises of technology. Although gadgets have promised more of this momentum, it is all too easy to focus on the technology instead of the core activity of running. The latest running technology--such as Apple's iPod Shuffle and Adidas/Sennheiser running headphones--have made the integration of tech easier than ever before. Even so, the disruption caused by flailing cables or tumbling earbuds disrupts focus and results in lost momentum. Fear not my fellow odometers...I will share with you some battle-tested, top-secret, G14 classified tips for mastering running technology; you have the ability to eliminate disruption and make your run as fun or focused as you desire.

Lets start with apparel and the old mantra that less is more. For many, the appeal of running is its minimalist roots. Along with swimming and wrestling, it is the simplest sport known to man. As you add shoes, braces, visors, wristbands, iPods, fanny-packs, pedometers, heart-rate monitors, headphones and sunglasses, you increase your resistance significantly. Some of this gear is required and that is OK but for most, consolidation works wonders for improving stride, focus and efficiency. Keep a gym-bag or milk-crate in your car trunk with items that are not essential to every run, but may be essential to a particular run. This lets you keep what you need near you at all times instead of on you. As your performance increases, the need for gizmos will wane and the fine tuned machine you are driving starts to work on its own clock. Seasoned runners know their pace without a glance at the watch or distance and you can get there too.

Once you have consolidated your gadget collection to what you need it is time to increase efficiency with your bio-mechanics. While your stride is as unique to you as your fingerprint, your gear, no matter how generic, should work with your form- not against it. Shoes with a spider-web of laces contribute to drag and present a hurdle at every step. Use shorter laces and double-knot to reduce free-hanging laces from flopping.

Many athletes, pro and amateur, run to stay in good shape. If you run, wear running-specific shorts. Period. The reduction in fabric and seam alignment make a world of difference. Basketball shorts or even mid-length trunks add resistance to every stride no matter how bad you want to hide your s...

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Layton Marathon
Layton, UT
The Marathon is coming along nicely as too sponsors and planning. Most everything is in place regarding the event. We have listed on this details page "Downloadable PDFs" of common questions and race agendas. As more questions hit us we will post there answers here. You will also see in the Agenda Tab we are finalizing the locations for certain things. The PDF's will be updated when we have more information. We do not want to post any offical locations until they are 100% finalized to prevent confusion.
Bear Lake Marathon
Garden City, UT
Little Grand Canyon
Price, UT
Moab Marathon
Moab, UT
Moab Marathon Runners, all of you, runners last year said they really liked the small group out in nature running in the solitude of the Canyons. We did not advertise this year, due to construction, and late permission.Runners will arrive Friday April 9th, eve. to get bib # at Aarchway Inn, that is the north end of Moab, 1st Hotel as you cross the Colorado river on the Hotel is on the west side of road going into Moab.The Colorado River Car Bridge is under construction, we finish at , Saturday morning crossing the new Foot Bridge, (wow it is Really Nice) we have waited since 2004 to cross this Bridge.Due to construction,
Mid Mountain Marathon
Park City, UT
Boardwalk under repair on Millennium trail between Bobsled Drive and Bear Cub Drive in the Bear Hollow area. Boardwalk will be closed intermittently. Assessment Construction: Keystone Trail will be rerouted where it crosses the Meadow road. The trail will remain open during construction. Thaynes Road trail will be closed on the west side where it crosses the Crescent Ridge Road and the Steps trail. It will be closed on the east side at the intersection of the Apex trail. Short Fuse will be closed at the Claimjumper Road and the Crescent Mine Grade. Crescent Mine Grade will be closed where is crosses Assessment run. We have built switchbacks from the Mid Mountain trail up Hidden Splendor run to the Crescent Mine Grade trail. This will enable the bike trail to stay open. Mid Mountain trail will remain open thru construction. We will be crossing the trail at some point and will reroute it around our trench. Three Kings Construction: We plan to reroute the Silver Spur trail. We will close it at the base of the resort and send the traffic down the Skiway to the bottom of Eagle lift and up the truck road to the existing trail. The Assessment job should take us 4 weeks to complete. The Three Kings will take 8 weeks to complete. All of the closing will be done with T-posts and fence. Any reroutes will marked with detour signs.
Zions Bank Ogden Marathon
Ogden, UT
To create and fund programs, events, and activities relating to recreation, sports, art, and education in order to establish a legacy that will honor and enhance the community spirit developed during the 2002 Olympic Winter Games.
Newpark Town Center Resort Hotel Park City Marathon
Park City, UT
Start time is 6:30 AM for the Marathon. This unique, scenic alpine loop course starts out from the Newpark Plaza and onto Highland Drive. A quick right/left at 1.5 miles puts the runners through the gentle upgrade of the Trailside residential area and past Trailside school/park. At this point the runners move onto paved and then gravel bike paths before getting back onto Highland Drive. Rolling downhill for approximately 1 mile, runners then turn right (tiny bit rough here, watch your footing) and through the first tunnel of the course, which goes under the highway and onto the quiet paved road which terminates at the Historic Rail Trail. Runners then turn right and proceed along the smooth gravel Rail Trail for approximately 7 miles of gentle upgrade (2%), past open grazing land (yes, sometimes there are cows on the path) and beaver ponds. There is one road crossing in this section, manned by Utah Highway Patrol. The Rail Trail welcomes the runners into Park City with paved/gravel pathways. Upon crossing Bonanza Drive, runners will continue the upward trend on the paved Poison Creek Trail (a remnant of our mining history) through City Park. Look to your right for great views of some 2002 Olympic ski runs. Traversing several short tunnels (one painted with a mural depiction of Park City's mining heritage), the runners head to the Snow Park Lodge at Deer Valley (the course high point) before looping back to the Poison Creek Trail. Here the course turns west and guides runners through a fun section which has them running down the middle of an open shopping mall, a pedestrian bridge over Main Street, and across a skier bridge. A short, steep uphill 'blip' puts runners at the top of Empire Avenue and the start of the mostly downhill cruise to the finish. Runners will be on quiet city streets as they head past Park City Mountain Resort, along rolling hills near the municipal golf course, and back onto a paved bike path which takes runners to the historic McPolin barn depicted on our logo and finisher t-shirts. Another tunnel, some wood plank bridges over the pristine wetlands of the Swaner Nature Preserve and a paved bike path return to Newpark Plaza--it's pretty enough to (almost) want to do it again!
Sizzler Utah Valley Marathon
Provo, UT
The Utah Valley Marathon was organized by experienced marathon runners who wanted to create a memorable running experience with a cause. The creation began with two friends who were puzzled why there wasn't a marathon in Utah County yet. What began as a joke among friends became a reality when the Daily Herald among other sponsors agreed to support a marathon in Utah County.Our goal is to give you a race that you want to tell your friends about. The success of the 2008 Utah Valley Marathon and the recent inclusion into the Utah Grand Slam has inspired us to become an even better event. We will do all we can to continue to improve our event, so that you will want to come back.
Salt Lake City Marathon
Salt Lake City, UT
Runners of all ages and ability levels will enjoy crisp, cool running weather in April, in a setting that surrounds them with snow-capped peaks contrasting with spring blossoms, all along a flat and slightly downhill course. The Marathon, Half marathon, and Bike Tour all start at the Olympic Legacy Bridge at the University of Utah, the site of the 2002 Winter Olympic Athlete Village. The gentle course then skirts the base of the towering Wasatch Mountains, passes by cozy neighborhoods and elegant estates, and winds through Salt Lake's legendary wide streets, into the city center. Here, the music will absolutely rock, the energy will surge, and crowds of enthusiastic spectators will cheer participants on, all the way to the electric finish at the Olympic Legacy Plaza at The Gateway, in downtown Salt Lake.
Kahtoola Bigfoot Snowshoe Festival
Midway, UT
NordicTrack Top of Utah Marathon
Logan, UT
The eleventh annual running of the NordicTrack Top of Utah Marathon will be September 18, 2010 and we welcome you all to Cache Valley, located in Northern Utah. We are dedicated to bringing you a top quality and enjoyable event and we are sure you will enjoy your stay in Cache Valley. Cache Valley is surrounded by the Wasatch mountains and is very scenic. On the west side of the Valley lie the Wellsville mountains. The Wellsvilles are the steepest mountains in the world from base to base. On the east side lie the Wasatch mountains comprising Logan Peak, Mount Naomi, and miles of wilderness area. Fourteen miles of the marathon are located in these mountains and the running is all downhill. Cache Valley is made up of small cities which include Logan (home of Utah State University), Smithfield, Hyrum, Wellsville, Avon, Providence, Nibley, Millville, Paradise, Mendon, Petersboro, Benson, Richmond, Newton, Clarkston, Trenton, Cornish, Lewiston, River Heights, Amalga, North Logan, Hyde Park, and Cove. For NordicTrack Top of Utah Marathon, we picked a fast course that is mostly downhill or flat and a time of year that has perfect temperatures for running. The course starts at an elevation of about 5700 feet and gradually works its way down to 4600 feet.