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Ymca At Jessup Elementary School
(410) 799-0997
2900 Jessup Rd
Jessup, MD
Personal Trainer

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(410) 772-1540
6570 Dobbin Rd
Columbia, MD
Hard Times Cafe
(410) 312-0700
8865 Stanford Blvd
Columbia, MD
Personal Trainer

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(301) 776-6066
12 N 2nd St
Laurel, MD
(410) 997-7268
6136 Encounter Row
Columbia, MD
Synergy The Future Of Fitness
(410) 964-9858
8815 Columbia 100 Pkwy # 2
Columbia, MD
Micah Cosby
(240) 863-4817
Laurel, MD

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Fitness Resource
(877) 348-2021
6490 Dobbin Center Way
Columbia, MD
You Can Do It Llc
(410) 884-5323
8950 Old Annapolis Rd
Columbia, MD
Personal Trainer, Yoga Instructor

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Yoga Center Of Columbia
(410) 720-4340
8950 State Route 108
Columbia, MD
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Picking Tunes for Your Run

Picking Tunes for Your Run
Running is a stunning example of physics and more specifically, momentum. Interestingly enough, progress in both running and life is determined by your management of potential and kinetic energy in order to maximize the benefits of momentum. Look up "momentum" in your favorite dictionary for a wonderful disruption to your day; it is truly fascinating stuff when put into context of a runner and the human body. However, disrupting a runner's momentum generally yields results that can be very unpleasant.  

Converting one's potential into kinetic energy should not be disrupted by the ill-kept promises of technology. Although gadgets have promised more of this momentum, it is all too easy to focus on the technology instead of the core activity of running. The latest running technology--such as Apple's iPod Shuffle and Adidas/Sennheiser running headphones--have made the integration of tech easier than ever before. Even so, the disruption caused by flailing cables or tumbling earbuds disrupts focus and results in lost momentum. Fear not my fellow odometers...I will share with you some battle-tested, top-secret, G14 classified tips for mastering running technology; you have the ability to eliminate disruption and make your run as fun or focused as you desire.

Lets start with apparel and the old mantra that less is more. For many, the appeal of running is its minimalist roots. Along with swimming and wrestling, it is the simplest sport known to man. As you add shoes, braces, visors, wristbands, iPods, fanny-packs, pedometers, heart-rate monitors, headphones and sunglasses, you increase your resistance significantly. Some of this gear is required and that is OK but for most, consolidation works wonders for improving stride, focus and efficiency. Keep a gym-bag or milk-crate in your car trunk with items that are not essential to every run, but may be essential to a particular run. This lets you keep what you need near you at all times instead of on you. As your performance increases, the need for gizmos will wane and the fine tuned machine you are driving starts to work on its own clock. Seasoned runners know their pace without a glance at the watch or distance and you can get there too.

Once you have consolidated your gadget collection to what you need it is time to increase efficiency with your bio-mechanics. While your stride is as unique to you as your fingerprint, your gear, no matter how generic, should work with your form- not against it. Shoes with a spider-web of laces contribute to drag and present a hurdle at every step. Use shorter laces and double-knot to reduce free-hanging laces from flopping.

Many athletes, pro and amateur, run to stay in good shape. If you run, wear running-specific shorts. Period. The reduction in fabric and seam alignment make a world of difference. Basketball shorts or even mid-length trunks add resistance to every stride no matter how bad you want to hide your s...

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Baltimore Road Runners Club North Central Trail Marathon
Sparks, MD
The Northern Central Trail Marathon and Marathon Relay are held the Saturday after Thanksgiving in northern Baltimore County, Maryland.The race is an out and back course primarily along the Northern Central Railroad Trail. The start and finish are at Sparks Elementary School, and the first and last few miles of the race are on rural paved roads. A few hills occur on the paved roads that begin and end the course, but most of the race is on the flat stretches of the NCR Trail. The trail surface is a compacted combination of dirt and fine stone. The trail winds along the Gunpowder River, through quiet farmland.The Two-Person Relay covers the same route at the same time as the marathon. Each team member runs a 13.1 mile leg of the relay.
B&A Trail Marathon
Severna Park, MD
Lower Potomac River Marathon
Piney Point, MD
The Chesapeake Bay Running Club's mission is to promote physical fitness through running, walking and various cross training activities. We stimulate interest in running and walking to all residents in the Southern Maryland region by sponsoring championship races on/off the road, or track, fun runs/walks, and other social events. We provide educational activities through lectures, demonstrations and a monthly newsletter. We welcome and encourage the experienced as well as the inexperienced runner/walker and recognize our people with various awards for activities throughout the year. We cooperate with other nearby regional running clubs and local organizations by participating or working at their events in our efforts to promote our club and the sports of running and walking.
Ocean City, MD Marathon
Ocean City, MD
Frederick Marathon
Frederick, MD
This is a USATF certified course that can be used as a qualifier for the Boston Marathon. On average, one out of every six runners qualified for the Boston Marathon. The average finishing time was 4:11. Average Temperature at start of race: 58° Proceeds of the 2010 Frederick Running Festival will benefit Special Olympics of Maryland and other local charitable organizations Marathon, half-marathon, and relay finishers will receive commemorative medals and a race premium. Course will remain open for six hours, closing on a continuous pace of 14 minutes per mile. For your safety: no strollers, skates, or pets allowed on the course.
Potomac River Run Marathon
Carderock, MD
The Marathon Charity Cooperation (MCC) is organized as a charitable and educational foundation for the benefit of underprivileged children and families around the world. The MCC mission includes funding a cooperative of non-profit member-charities who both benefit from and contribute to the events hosted. Our events provide opportunities for personal and professional growth in addition to education of the public serving people of all ages.Marathon Charity Cooperation is a 501(c)3 charitable and educational organization that conducts several events a year. The MCC members assist with its activities and meet at least once a year to elect directors. MCC is a member of National Co-op Business Association, Road Runners Club of America (RRCA), and USA Track & Field (USAT&F).
Greenway Trail Marathon
Damascus, MD
This 'close to a marathon and 50-K', trail race will be very different from other club races and marathons. There will be limited aid, no tee shirts, mile markers or finisher's awards. The race is being called 'close to a marathon and 50-K' distance because the course will not be accurately measured and cannot be used as a qualifier for USATF events. Using existing trail maps the marathon course is estimated to be between 26 and 27 miles and the 50-K course is over 31.1 miles. At the very least, both courses are longer than the standard marathon and 50-K distances. Generally, there are new trail detours each year. Participants should be comfortable running on and navigating trails, running independently and able to complete the marathon distance. The course is over 95% single track dirt trails, includes water crossings and depending on the weather on March 1, could be sloppy and/or slippery.For those that want to run the 50K distance, they can elect to do so on race day. However, only those that reach Clopper Lake, about 15 miles into the race, by a predetermined cut off time may do so. These 'faster' runners will run a loop around the lake which will make their run slightly longer than 31.1 miles. Marathon runners will not run a loop around the lake this year.
Mountain Maryland Marathon Mountain Maryland Marathon
Cumberland, MD
Washington's Birthday Marathon
Greenbelt, MD
The race will start and finish near the Greenbelt Youth Center at 101 Centerway in Old Greenbelt. TAC-certified course consists of three scenic loops. This race may be run as a Boston Marathon qualifier. The relay point is near the USDA Visitor Center. Runners pass 10 water stops and there is water and Gatorade at each. There are also porta-johns at these water stops.
Under Armour Baltimore Marathon
Baltimore, MD
Phunt Trail Marathon
Elkton, MD