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(330) 875-6866
1408 N Chapel St
Louisville, OH
Sampoorna Yoga Center
(330) 499-1177
6302 Market Ave N
Canton, OH
(330) 332-9944
1098 N Ellsworth Av
Salem, OH
First Friends Church Sports
(330) 966-6868
5455 Market Ave N
Canton, OH
Salem Community Center
(330) 332-5885
1098 N Ellsworth Av
Salem, OH
Personal Fitness Studio
(330) 877-9100
845 W Maple St
Hartville, OH
James Greg Physcl Thrpst
(330) 494-8165
6531 Market Ave N
Canton, OH
Personal Trainer, Physical Therapist

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Ladies Super Fitness
(330) 454-4200
811 30th St Ne
Canton, OH
Salem Fitness Club
(330) 332-2353
300 E State St
Salem, OH
(330) 337-3991
1712 S Lincoln Ave
Salem, OH
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Picking Tunes for Your Run

Picking Tunes for Your Run
Running is a stunning example of physics and more specifically, momentum. Interestingly enough, progress in both running and life is determined by your management of potential and kinetic energy in order to maximize the benefits of momentum. Look up "momentum" in your favorite dictionary for a wonderful disruption to your day; it is truly fascinating stuff when put into context of a runner and the human body. However, disrupting a runner's momentum generally yields results that can be very unpleasant.  

Converting one's potential into kinetic energy should not be disrupted by the ill-kept promises of technology. Although gadgets have promised more of this momentum, it is all too easy to focus on the technology instead of the core activity of running. The latest running technology--such as Apple's iPod Shuffle and Adidas/Sennheiser running headphones--have made the integration of tech easier than ever before. Even so, the disruption caused by flailing cables or tumbling earbuds disrupts focus and results in lost momentum. Fear not my fellow odometers...I will share with you some battle-tested, top-secret, G14 classified tips for mastering running technology; you have the ability to eliminate disruption and make your run as fun or focused as you desire.

Lets start with apparel and the old mantra that less is more. For many, the appeal of running is its minimalist roots. Along with swimming and wrestling, it is the simplest sport known to man. As you add shoes, braces, visors, wristbands, iPods, fanny-packs, pedometers, heart-rate monitors, headphones and sunglasses, you increase your resistance significantly. Some of this gear is required and that is OK but for most, consolidation works wonders for improving stride, focus and efficiency. Keep a gym-bag or milk-crate in your car trunk with items that are not essential to every run, but may be essential to a particular run. This lets you keep what you need near you at all times instead of on you. As your performance increases, the need for gizmos will wane and the fine tuned machine you are driving starts to work on its own clock. Seasoned runners know their pace without a glance at the watch or distance and you can get there too.

Once you have consolidated your gadget collection to what you need it is time to increase efficiency with your bio-mechanics. While your stride is as unique to you as your fingerprint, your gear, no matter how generic, should work with your form- not against it. Shoes with a spider-web of laces contribute to drag and present a hurdle at every step. Use shorter laces and double-knot to reduce free-hanging laces from flopping.

Many athletes, pro and amateur, run to stay in good shape. If you run, wear running-specific shorts. Period. The reduction in fabric and seam alignment make a world of difference. Basketball shorts or even mid-length trunks add resistance to every stride no matter how bad you want to hide your s...

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Earth Day Challenge Marathon
Gambier, OH
With a new, USATF-certified route for 2010, the Earth Day Marathon and Half Marathon will start and end at the Kenyon Athletic Center on the campus of Kenyon College. Participants will complete a 4 mile loop through historic Gambier with a portion run on Kenyon's tree-lined Middle Path. Upon completing the Gambier loop, runners and walkers will head to the picturesque Kokosing Gap Bike Trail for the remainder of the race. The course is mostly flat, with one hill at about ? mile. Gambier is a great location for spectators, with good viewing throughout the village. It is only a short walk from downtown Gambier to the finish line!
ONU Polar Bear Indoor Marathon
Ada, OH
Road Runner Akron Marathon
Akron, OH
The Road Runner Akron Marathon course is a rolling, scenic tour of some of Akron's most beautiful destinations. Our course winds through diverse neighborhoods, city highlights and historical landmarks throughout Akron. Other than the four miles on the Towpath trail, which is a crushed limestone surface, the majority of the race is run on paved asphalt and concrete streets.
Athens Marathon (Ohio)
Athens, OH
The half marathon and full marathon will both start at 9:00 A.M. EDT at Ohio University's College Green on the corner of Court Street and West Union Street in Athens, Ohio.Both races will begin by heading west on Union St, after approximately a half mile runners will turn right on Smith St., and than bear to the left onto Byard, after approximately 300 meters runners turn right onto Shafer St, and than make a left onto W. State Street. The first mile mark is located on W. State Street right before entering W. State Street state park. About a mile and a half into the race runners will begin running northwest on the Hocking Adena Bikeway towards Nelsonville, OH. From W. State street runners will make a right hand turn onto the path.
Bobcat Trail Marathon
Glouster, OH
Welcome to the 2nd Annual Bobcat Trail Marathon which will be run entirely within Burr Oak State Park. We are very excited to be offering to you this event which will showcase one of the most beautiful parks in Southeast Ohio. Be prepared for a challenging and aggressive course, with fantastic scenery and outstanding volunteers who will help make this race a favorite for years to come.
Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon
Cleveland, OH
The Cleveland Marathon began in 1978 in an effort to bring a positive and meaningful fitness event to the City of Cleveland. The original course began at Cleveland State University and traveled west to Bay Village and back. Some of the race's most tremendous growth has occurred under the Rite Aid Pharmacy sponsorship since 2003, in which time race participation has grown 100 percent.
Nationwide Better Health Columbus Marathon
Columbus, OH
The Nationwide Better Health Columbus Marathon starts near the intersection of Broad and Third Streets in downtown Columbus at 7:30 a.m. for walkers and runners. The course will be open until 3:00 p.m. Awards will be given to winners from different age groups (top three overall in the marathon and ? marathon and top three in each age group). Following are winners of the 2009 Nationwide Better Health Columbus Marathon:
Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon
Cincinnati, OH
If there is one question asked more often than others about the Flying Pig Marathon, it's "Why a Flying Pig?" Even Greater Cincinnatians who cherish the pig, may not know it's storied past in the history of the Queen City.In the 1800s, when riverboats plied the Ohio River, Cincinnati was a center of Western commerce. Since agriculture was a prime source of revenue in this area, boats filled with livestock and produce would dock in Cincinnati to sell their wares. Hogs were a major source of income for farmers here, as well, so pigs that were brought in by boat, or herded into town from area farms, were marched through the streets of Cincinnati to the processing plants. So many, in fact, that Cincinnati came to be known as "Porkopolis."
Glass City Marathon
Toledo, OH
Murray Ridge Center Inland Trail Marathon
Elyria, OH
White Tail Trail Marathon
Waynesville, OH
Ohio Running Events produces and times events using the IPICO chip technology. We also offer runners a comprehensive online event calendar, results, and resources
Ohio River Road Runners Club Marathon
Dayton, OH
The Ohio River Road Runners Club is dedicated to promoting running and supporting the local running community in and around Dayton, Ohio and the Miami Valley. Founded in 1966, we are a 100% all-volunteer 501(c)(3) Ohio Non-Profit club, a member of the national RRCA, and, with roughly 1500 individual members from 900 member households, we are one of the largest (and we think BEST) clubs in the nation. We support the community by offering a full schedule of quality running events (40+ per year), training groups, and educational seminars.We are known for our inexpensive, high-quality running events - most of which are only $3 for members ($9 for non-members). Many of our events are part of an extended series - like the Team Series, the Trail Series (Dirt Dawgs), and Grand Prix Series (which promotes competition and volunteerism throughout the year). We also hold four major events throughout the year. These events have a total of over 11,000 participants.
Last Chance for Boston Marathon
Columbus, OH
Although the marathon has the reputation of being one of the toughest athletic events, it is actually one of the easier recreational sports to train for... provided one has enough time, knowledge, and desire. Utilizing knowledge, time and motivation we can train anyone and everyone who has the desire to run and finish a marathon.Over the course of the program (4-5 months) the MIT program will gradually and properly train participants of all fitness levels to finish a marathon!
Towpath Marathon
Cleveland/Akron Area, OH
The Towpath Marathon was established in 1992 to introduce the Towpath Trail as a new recreational amenity and to promote the establishment of the Ohio & Erie Canalway; in 1993, it was one of ten events that celebrated the completion of the Towpath Trail through the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Since its inception the Towpath Marathon has grown to become one of Northeast Ohio's premier marathons, attracting an average of 2,000 participants and 3,500 spectators from more than thirty-two states for a weekend of outdoor festivities and athletic competition. Described as"one of the most beautiful race courses in America" by Runner's World magazine, the Towpath Marathon showcases breathtaking segments of the historic Towpath Trail located between Akron and Cleveland. It is one of few marathons that take place in a National Park, and many consider it a unique specialty race due to the setting, fall foliage and crushed limestone surface. The course has changed many times throughout the life of the marathon and most recently drew attention to newly completed portions of the Towpath Trail as it heads into downtown Cleveland
Air Force Marathon
Dayton, OH