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Skin Spa By Laser Rx & Medcosmetics Ltd
(570) 970-4772
184 Wilkes Barre Township Blvd
Wilkes Barre, PA
Personal Trainer

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Degnan Ballet
(570) 287-5802
239 Schuyler Ave
Kingston, PA
Hapkido Tae Kwon DO Institute
(570) 587-4290
150 Welles St
Kingston, PA
Fitness On The Job
(800) 640-4051
131 Welles St
Kingston, PA
Sheri Pilates Studio
(570) 331-0531
703 W Market St
Kingston, PA
Saxton Thomas P Medical Pavilion
(570) 552-4500
Edwardsville Outpati
Wilkes Barre, PA
NutriFitness Bootcamp
(570) 288-2409
311 Market St
Kingston, PA
Programs & Services
Boot Camp, Circuit Training, Free Weights, Personal Training, Special Services

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Star Fitness
(570) 552-4550
468 Northampton St # 101
Edwardsville, PA
Fitness on the Job
(570) 718-1047
131 Welles St
Kingston, PA
Personal Trainer

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Dankos All American Fitness
(570) 825-5989
3 N River St
Plains, PA
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“New Apple App may forever change the way people use treadmills”

“New Apple App may forever change the way people use treadmills”
Whether you are an elite athlete, a casual runner, or just enjoy going for a walk to keep fit, a new Apple iPhone Application called Fun Run Trainer, may change forever the way you use a treadmill.
 “Treadmills are by far the most popular piece of exercising equipment anywhere in the world yet there has been no easy way to create your own routes or to practice for popular events on all treadmills, until now,” said Brett Galbraith, the inventor of Fun Run Trainer. 
Fun Run Trainer is a totally unique iPhone application that allows the user to run, jog or walk, anywhere in the world on any treadmill as if you are there, with a real time video map and precise inclination settings.
“We have tried hard to make our application appeal to all sorts of treadmills users. For those who want to go for a casual walk we have a number of world famous beaches for them to walk along. We have also included some of the world’s most famous streets like Wall Street, Fleet Street, Paseo de la Reforma and the Champs-Elysees Avenue.”
“You can also choose from over 200 of the world’s most popular running events or from the top 10 Marathons around the world like the Boston Marathon and the New York City Marathon.”
“Now you can email your friends to let them know that you have just finished the Honolulu Marathon and warmed down with a casual stroll along Venice Beach!”
Fun Run Trainer has a limitless capacity as you can create your own routes for anywhere in the world and then sync them to your iPhone at the press of a button.
“The feedback about the application has been amazing. People who have never wanted to own a treadmill are now telling me that they will buy one because now they can practice for events in other states as if they were there. I’ve even had someone tell me that they will use the app to see if they can run across Australia in a year because the program can track their progress and store their position and statistics.”
Fun Run Trainer isn’t only for treadmill users, it also works just as well for Ellipticals and Exercise Bikes.
“The quality of the real time satellite image is amazing whether you are running at 12 km/h or keeping up with the peloton at 80 km/h on your exercise bike. We will also be adding a number of premium cycling events in the near future including the Tour de France and the Giro d’Italia (Tour if Italy).”
Fun Run Trainer is set to be hugely popular with running event organizers as it will allow people to train for their events from their local gym or from home and in any weather conditions.
“We are hoping that event organizers really get behind this product becaus...

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